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Offering a "Different Perspective"

Q. C. Designs, Inc. specializes in providing an "alternate view" of manufacturing operations in metal working plants, and will bring a considerable base of experience to assist your firm.
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Add To Your Bottom Line With a DrossBoss™
Aluminum Reclaimer
+70% Aluminum Rich Dross +70% Aluminum Rich Dross Leaving a Foundry     Don't let valuable aluminum rich dross leave your foundry!
For every 40,000 lbs. of dross leaving the plant for recycling, on average, more than 28,000 lbs., OVER 70%, of good alloy is going out the door.
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Reduced Pressure Testing
of Aluminum Melts

The Importance of Gage Selection
Differential Gage Differential Gage     Absolute Vacuum Gage Absolute Vacuum Gage
The differential gage on the left, as used on most current RPT testers, measures a change in vacuum level from the current atmospheric pressure. For accurate testing of aluminum melts use the absolute vacuum gage on the right, which ignores variations in the current atmospheric pressure.
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The Problem With
Sectioned RPT Samples

Can you name the level of this sample?
Level: '??'     Find out what problems are inherent to visual inspection of sectioned RPT samples and why the QCD-1 Porosity Measurement System is the solution.
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Featured Products

Porosity Measurement System QCD-1 Porosity Measurement System
Eliminate subjective and inaccurate estimates and measurements of hydrogen levels.
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T.R.P. Vacuum Tester
True Reduced Pressure Vacuum Tester T.R.P Vacuum Tester (Total Reduced Pressure)
Fully automatic testing with absolute vacuum levels.
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Dross BossTM
Recover Aluminum in-plant from your own drosses. Dross Boss
Add to your bottom line with a Dross Boss Aluminum Reclaimer.
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